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Bonsaï Kisetsu all season fertilizer 4-3-4 +
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Bonsaï Kisetsu all season fertilizer 4-3-4 +


Liquid organic enriched fertilizer for bonsai nutrition

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Bonsaï Kisetsu all season fertilizer
4-3-4 +
Liquid organic enriched fertilizer for bonsai nutrition




Bonsai Kisetsu is an all season mixed fertilizer.

Nutrition, action on regeneration and stimulation of resistance and growth.



  • Balanced fertilizer, dosage adapted to all bonsai
  • Plant mixture of organic super-nutrients
  • Complex formula of amino acids and trace elements
  • Quick action
  • It improves resistance and limits stress,
  • Stimulates plant activity
  • Develops the rhizosphere
  • Restarts the activity of weakened plants


Special features and instructions of use : 


Bonsai kisetsu Mixed all seasons is considered as a nutritional bio-stimulant which combines the efficiency of a stimulant with NPK balance composed of plant extracts and 100% assimilable amino acids. In addition, its formulation rich in trace elements makes it a complete fertilizer. Its liquid formula containing free elements allows a fast and efficient absorption. Its complex and elaborate composition nourishes and activates the Bonsaï protection process. It becomes then stronger and more resistant to abiotic and cultivation stress. Its functional activity is stimulated and its health is strengthened on the long term.

Bonsaï Kisetsu mixed all seasons feeds the plant but also the soil thus offering a microbial activity working in symbiosis with the bonsai. Its smooth action stimulates the plant activity in an increasing way, improving its aesthetic responsive and healthy qualities. When regularly used throughout the vegetative stage, it offers a smooth and balanced nutrition. Since the dosage is adapted to a demanding culture, you get a uniform and moderate growth, with dense and strong foliage with intense colors. Its concentration in elements offers a soft and prolonged action without risk of burn to the internodes. Depending on the objectives to be achieved, it can be combined either alternatively or with another fertilizer.



Composition :

Water, beet vinasse, amino acids and seaweed extracts

N: 4% nitrogen including 4% organic

P: 3% phosphoric anhydride (P2O5)

K: 4% potassium oxide (k2O)




Dosage and instructions of use :

  • Shake the bottle before using it
  • When watering 5 ml per liter of water
  • Use on a soil already wet once every 8 or 10 days


When to use the fertilizer :

Jan. Feb Marc Apri May Jun  July. Aug Sept. Oct. Nov.  Déc.
  (+) (+) +(+) ++(+) ++(+) +(+) +(+) ++(+) ++(+) (+)  


(+) Indoor Bonsaï      + Outdoor Bonsaï

Can be used individually or in combination with other products of the ShiZen Nutrition range.    

  • For outdoor bonsai: Bonsai Kisetsu Mixed all seasons can be used throughout the vegetative stage (spring, summer and autumn).
  • For subtropical plants (indoor bonsai): can be used all year round once a fortnight. However you should provide less fertilizer during the winter if there is no additional light.
  • (Reminder: for a normal activity during our winter period, the plant needs 12 hours of sun at least).


Advice and caution :

  • Store the products in dry conditions away from heat, frost and light. Make sure you close the bottle properly after each use.
  • Pour the water on the product for better dilution.
  • Always dilute the product before use. IF not diluted, it can irritate the eyes and the skin.
  • Water the soil before using the fertilizer.
  • Organic fertilizers are particularly odorous. Prepare the dilution only at the last minute and use gloves when handling the product.


Packaging :

  • Available in 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 L.
  • Preservation optimized thanks to the adapted bottle.


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