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Bonsaï Mizu-aki Automne 3-2-7+


Mizu-Aki Autumn provides a full, quick progressive and sustainable nutrition.

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Mizu-Aki Autumn provides a full, quick progressive and sustainable nutrition.

Your bonsaï will be able to make reserves to prepare wintering and to stimulate spring growth. Before winter, thank to this fertilizer the potassium (k) rate will increase which will enable the plant to make reserves, to bloom and to develop the fruits.

It is suitable for flowering and fruit trees but also conifers and allows the plant to make reserves, to grow moderately during the spring season and to produce small pine needles. Its special composition, designed for bonsai, acts quickly, answers the needs of spring growth and helps the development of flower buds without altering the culture balance. Its ideal combination of nutrients reinforces the resistance of the plant and its development. It is perfectly assimilable by all kind of bonsaï thanks to the various organic components. It also helps the assimilation of the nutrients that are already in the soil. Mizu-Aki Autumn  respects the bonsaï growth speed, improves the quality of the soil by its action on microbial life which allows a regular release of the nutrients. The fertilizer considerably reduces leaching.

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