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Tamahi 571+ Seido - Fertlizers balls


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Tamahi  571+ Seido 

Fertilizer ball

Tamahi 571 + seido is a balanced fertilizer designed for flowering and fruit trees containing 100% natural organic extracts from the earth and the sea.




Special features and instructions of use : 

Tamahi 571+ Seido balls provide a protective smooth and balanced nutrition, progressively and on the long term, allowing an optimal fertilization. This fertilizer also brings the essential elements responsible for optimal flowering answering specific needs. It reinforces the health of your bonsaï without altering the culture balance and preserves the soil drainage. The results on fruit trees show a uniform bloom, vivid and intense colours. After the pollination, the balls keep nourishing the fruits but also the plant itself until the fruits are ripe.  At the end of the season, they release enough elements to initiate the construction of the flower buds-to-be. This fertilizer is suitable both for indoor and outdoor flowering and fruit trees.

Shizen Nutrition developed this organic fertilizer using ingredients from the food industry paying attention to a high rate of requirements. A production method stemming from a traditional Japanese technique.

Composition :

Engrais NPK 5-7-1 : Azote (N) organique total 5%, Anhydride phosphorique (P2O5) total 7% , Oxyde de potassium (K2O) soluble dans l’eau 1%.
Colza, son, algues, ferment, farine de poissons… 


Dosage and instructions of use (translation ongoing)
Place 1 fertilizer ball on the soil for 350 cm3 volume of the pot


When to use the fertilizer :

























(+) Bonsaï d’intérieur   + Bonsaï d’extérieur

Il peut être utilisé  seul  ou avec les autres produits Shizen nutrition



Advice and caution : (translation ongoing)


Packaging : (translation ongoing)

  • Sacs adaptés aux besoins, plusieurs conditionnements sont disponibles 500g, 1 kg, 3kg


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