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» Tamahi Gold Organic 553+ - Fertilizers balls

Tamahi Gold Organic 553+ - Fertilizers balls


Tamahi Gold Organic 553 is a balanced fertilizer suitable for all kind of Bonsai, containing 100% natural organic extracts.

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Tamahi Gold Organic

5-5-3 + 

Fertilizer Balls

Tamahi  Gold Organic 553 is a balanced  fertilizer suitable for all kind of Bonsai, containing  100% natural organic extracts.


  • Balanced and protective nutrition
  • Long term and progressive Action
  • Its reinforces the health of your bonsai without altering the culture balance
  • Rich in secondary elements, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids…
  • Complete fertilizer for all kinds of bonsai trees
  • Made with 100% selected organic materials from the earth and the sea
  • Precise dosage, it preserves the drainage of the soil
  • Fits perfectly into the containers, designed to protect and guarantee an efficient fertilization
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Adapted, resealable and opaque bag for a better preservation.


Special features and instructions of use : 


Tamahi Gold Organic 553+ provides a protective smooth and balanced nutrition, progressively and on the long term, allowing a good balance between the branches and the roots. It reinforces the health and the immune defences of your bonsai without altering the culture balance. It consolidates the good working order of photosynthesis. This fertilizer is suitable both for indoor and outdoor bonsaï. You can use it as a basic fertilizer if you follow a specific and fairly deep fertilizing program. The draining qualities of your soil will be preserved.

Shizen Nutrition developed this organic fertilizer using ingredients from the food industry paying attention to a high rate of requirements. A production method stemming from a traditional Japanese technique.

Composition :

Rapeseed, bran, fish meal, seaweeds, ferment…
Fertilizer NPK 5-5-3 : Nitogen (N) organic 5%, phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) total 5% , potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 3%.

Dosage and instructions of use : (translation ongoing)

When to use the fertilizer :

























(+) Indoor Bonsaï    + Outdoor Bonsaï


  • Advice and caution : (translation ongoing)


Packaging :

  • Adapted bag, available in bags of 500g, 1 kg, 3kg
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